A list of runner-specific nodes, these are not user-action nodes and are useful for actions such as controlling request headers

Set Headers

This node causes a refresh of the current URL that you are on, for some SPA's this may cause state changes.



You can either Set Headers, Add Headers, or Remove Headers with this node.

Set Headers

Headers set in this node are additional to any that came before it, this may be in Advanced Open or other Set / Add Headers nodes.

Provide a JSON object of key-value pairs to set.

Add Headers

Add a singular header, both the key and value can include Values (Value Store)values.

Remove Headers

Remove all added headers - This will only remove headers added by the Advanced Open, and Set / Add Headers node, and not any default or out-of-test headers that are set.

Stop on Element

If you would like to programmatically stop a test case if an element Is or is not displayed

Test cases that stop are in a "passed" state

Stop on Value

Use this node to stop a test based on a value, you can also use Values (Value Store)values.

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