Definitions of your Elements by CSS or XPath Selectors

Elements in DoesQA allow you to manage and reuse selectors for interacting with and locating elements on the web page during test execution. Creating and maintaining elements centrally makes your tests more maintainable and robust.

Creating Elements

There are two ways to create elements in DoesQA:

  1. Left-Hand Menu: Navigate to the Elements section in the left-hand menu and click the "New" button to create a new element.

  2. Node Edit Modal: While editing a node in a test, click the "+" button to create a new element on-the-fly.

Element Types

Elements in DoesQA can be of the following types:

  • CSS: Use CSS selectors to locate elements based on their styling properties and structure in the DOM.

  • XPath: Use XPath expressions to navigate and select elements within the XML or HTML document.

  • Visible Text: Locate elements based on the visible text they contain. This is matched without case sensitivity

  • Test ID: DoesQA searches for the following test-ids matching the given text:


When creating an element, select the appropriate type and provide a valid expression or value based on the selected type. This will ensure that DoesQA can effectively locate and interact with the element during test execution. Need some help defining locators? Book a session with our QA experts and we can assist.

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