Getting Started

Step 1: Creating your first Flow
To get started creating your first flow, use the navigation menu on the left and click Flows. From here you are able to Create, Update and Delete flows from your account.
Step 2: Adding Elements
Use the Navigation menu on the left to go to Elements. From here you are able to create Elements for use within flows. You are also able to create new elements within a node, using the + icon.
Step 3: Running your first Test
Once you have created a flow, connected some Nodes up, and selected Elements for them to use, you are ready to run some tests! Clicking ▶️ at the top the flow editor will run all tests in that flow. Heading to the Tests tab will allow you to preview, or run all tests from there.
Step 4: Navigating through the results
Once your test is created, queued, and running, you will start to see live step-by-step updates of your test running on our state-of-the-art runners. As each step executes, you will get a screenshot of the viewport. Once all the steps are complete you will be able to view the video of the run.