๐ŸŒŸNode Groups

All the nodes, in a single node!

Node Groups in DoesQA are single reusable nodes that contain a group of different ones.

Creating/Updating a Node Group

For example, let's say we have this login flow:

If you multi-select these nodes (Holding Shift and dragging over them, or holding CTRL when clicking on multiple) then you can group these using the right-click context menu.

You are able to group any nodes apart from Starter (Open) nodes

"Grouping" these nodes removes them from the flow and in its place, will add a new Node Group.

You are able to double-click this to update the name, and nodes within it.

Updating a node group results in every single instance of it getting updated, across all flows. Deleting a group from a flow does not delete it from the other ones.

Deleting a Node Group

You are able to manage your groups from Settings > Node Groups.

From here, you are able to Edit, Clone, and Delete Groups.

Using Node Groups across multiple flows

Once you have created a Node Group, you are able to use these across all flows, they are selectable from the node menu on the flow designer view.

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