๐Ÿ”ขValues (Value Store)

The Value Store in DoesQA allows you to save and access different types of values for various purposes during test execution. Values can be set and updated at different stages of the test, making it flexible and convenient for managing dynamic data.

Setting Values

Values can be set in the following ways:

  • Test Level: Set values at the test level, making them accessible across the entire test.

  • Save Text Node: Use the Save Text node to extract and store the text from the DOM or other sources. See Nodes > Data > Set Text.

  • Value Store: Directly set or update values in the value store.

  • Webhook: Set or update values through webhook responses.

Value Types

The Value Store supports the following data types:

  • Strings: Text values, such as "Hello, World!".

  • Objects: JSON-like structures containing key-value pairs.

  • Booleans: True or false values.

  • Numbers: Integer or floating-point numeric values.

Accessing Values

Values stored in the Value Store can be accessed and used in specific nodes. This allows for dynamic manipulation and utilization of data during test execution. For instance, you can use stored values to:

  • Fill out form fields with dynamic data.

  • Compare stored values to text on the page for validation purposes.

  • Use stored values in API calls or webhooks.

Remember to utilize the appropriate syntax for accessing values in the nodes where they are supported.

You can access values by using the $ syntax when filling in a field.

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